Mathematician Trading Card Project

From the Higgins Trading Card Company, Inc.


Professional athletes have had their faces and statistics on trading cards for many years. It is now time for the famous mathematicians to now showcase their celebrity. You are going to create a trading card that shows the mathematician's "vital statistics" and interesting biographical accomplishments.

Here are some example baseball cards:


Notes about this project:
  • You should try and get a colored picture for the mathematician.  I know this isn't always possible.
  • Try your best to present the ACTUAL MATH in a presentable format.  I realize that some of these mathematicians are famous because of some largely complex theorem; however, attempt some of the  ACTUAL MATH for the mathematician.
  • Many of the older mathematicians have legendary stories that go along with them.  Please make sure you find a way to incorporate those stories.
  • Try and be as COLORFUL as possible.
  • If your mathematician has any famous or impactful quotes to share, please add that to your trading card.
  • If possible, find a way to incorporate humor.
  • EXTRA CREDIT: If you have something to share with the group regarding your mathematician and find a way to present it in an entertaining way.  ESPECIALLY if it is a funny or entertaining video of some kind.
    Many of these mathematician have been mentioned on shows like Numb3rs.
  • HAVE FUN! :-)

Notes about this project:
  1. This assignment is meant to be done on the computer using any program of your choice.  You could use WORD, PUBLISHER, POWERPOINT, IMAGE EDITOR, or anything else that makes sense to you.

  2. FRONT of the trading card must contain full name, picture, and years lived.  Think of the front of the card as the front of magazine.  You are allowed to make reference to what is on the back; however, the full information should be on the back.

  3. BACK of the trading card should contain a synopsis of the mathematicians full biographical information.  You should make mention of all MAJOR WORKS of the mathematician.

  4. PLEASE, if at all possible, incorporate as much understandable math as possible.

  5. What is to be turned in?

    1. The file should be emailed to me in a format such as POWERPOINT, WORD, PUBLISHER, PICTURE FILE, OR PDF.

    2. The file also needs to be printed out in COLOR.  Two 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of paper.

    3. A separate paper that should printed containing the following information:

      1. Your Name
      2. Mathematician's Name
      3. Links to all websites you found to be useful
      4. How long did this assignment take you to complete?
      5. Did you enjoy the assignment?  Why or why not?
      6. Suggestions to make the assignment better?
      7. Mention of anything specific that makes this mathematician really interesting.  You could reference anything related to the math or biographical information.
      8. Additional comments.

List of Mathematicians:
    1. Niels Abel - C. Ott
    2. Maria Agnesi - A. Berry
    3. Archimedes - V. Beat
    4. Charles Babbage - J. Hipp
    5. Benjamin Banneker - R. Christman
    6. George Boole - A. Truxell
    7. Gerolamo Cardano
    8. Augustin Cauchy - V. Alvarez
    9. Nicolaus Copernicus - H. Douglas
    10. Rene Descartes - H. Sindlinger
    11. Albert Einstein - T. Ringle
    12. Charlie Eppes (Fictional Character on Numb3rs) - L. Shullick
    13. Euclid - T. Grodi
    14. Leonhard Euler - S. Steffanus
    15. Pierre de Fermat - A. Hardy
    16. Leonardo of Pisa Fibonacci - J. Duncan
    17. Galileo Galilei - B. Campbell
    18. Evariste Galois - B. Baker
    19. Carl Friedrich Gauss - H. Herner
    20. Sophie Germain - A. Moyer
    21. Heron - D. Suter
    22. Christian Huygens
    23. Hypatia - A. Hemenway
    24. Sonya Kovalevsky - V. McLoda
    25. Omar Khayyam
    26. Joseph Louis Lagrange - A. Riley
    27. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - E. Myers
    28. Ada Lovelace - L. Francis
    29. Benoit Mandelbrot - I. Smith
    30. John Napier - K. Rothgeb
    31. John Nash
    32. Isaac Newton - C. Dennis
    33. Emmy Noether - T. Gruden
    34. Pappus - K. Mason
    35. Blaise Pascal - T. Smith
    36. Henri Poincare - T. Blakely
    37. George Polya - C. Eastman
    38. Ptolemy - H. Russell
    39. Pythagoras - K. Gray
    40. Srinivasa Ramanujan - N. Elmer
    41. Georg Bernhard Riemann - E. Light
    42. Mary Fairfax Somerville - E. Meyers
    43. Thales
    44. Alan Turing - M. Hostetter
    45. Andrew Wiles - Shaye Close