Student Video Project

Honors Algebra II - W 4/23, R 4/24, F 4/25
Pre-Calculus - W 4/23, R 4/24, F 4/25

Link: Example Videos from the Past


As humans, we all have creativity. My goal is to bring out that creativity and allow you to help people that are not so mathematically gifted.  Your ability to mold, shape, and manipulate a difficult topic and turn it into something a person can digest in a short amount of time will allow you to feel powerful. Along with your newly found powers, you will also have learned something, which is one of the best feelings a person can experience.

Project Statement

You are to create "commercial" or "math video" that is at least 60 seconds in length about a mathematical topic of your choice from the first semester of the course.  If you wish to use something from another class or branch of mathematics, it MUST BE APPROVED.  While I obviously have a great appreciation for humor, remember that the nature of the video should be to teach a topic of some kind.

All video footage should be shot BEFORE the "Project Work Time" days!!!

Expected Timetable

Before Day 1 - You should have an overall plan developed already so you can edit as soon as possible
Day 1
- Upload video and deal with any camera problems.  Begin the basics of editing your video.

Day 2 - Continue the basics of editing your video.  Make SURE your video will publish/finalize.
Day 3 - Get your video ready to make a final published version.

General Guidelines

  • You are to create "commercial" or "math video" that is at least 60 seconds in length about a mathematical topic of your choice from the first semester of the course.
  • No images of students faces. Masks or other methods of obscuring identities must be used.
  • No EXTREME algebra.  Sometimes large equations and the long process of solve equations can effect the audience.
  • Multiple descriptions / explanations / visual aides are appropriate.
  • The video is meant for someone who is not gifted in math.  Imagine something you could show your relatives that shows your mathematical talent.
  • Remember, no matter the education of the viewer, they should be able to view the video and have a clue of what is going on
  • At NO TIME do you include the full first and last name of any student
  • Your creativity is endless!!!
  • Credits of some kind are required.  Guidelines for the credits are seen below.
  • ACTS OF VIOLENCE and INAPPROPRIATE LANGUAGE will not be tolerated.  You may think something is funny; however, if it is viewed by an adult, it may seem far from appropriate.

Guideline for Credits

  • Show some creativity here, including the possibility for a blooper reel
  • ONCE AGAIN, DO NOT USE both First and Last names.  Use one or the other.
  • Mention any sources you used during the course of creating the video

General Guideline for Video Footage

  1. 5 - 10 seconds - Basic intro screen with something to catch the audiences attention along with your title and group name
  2. 10 - 20 seconds - To get the audience hooked on the specific topic
  3. 45 - 90 seconds - To show the audience the what, why, and how of the topic. Remember, it is very important to link the math to real life situations.
  4. X seconds - Credits
  5. X seconds - Bloopers and/or other extra material (NOT REQUIRED)

Guideline for Copyright Issues

  • Do not use copyrighted images (stolen off different websites)
  • Any image you use should be mentioned in the Credits
  • It is OK to use up to 30 seconds of a standard song as long as it was obtained in legal ways

Grading (Equivalent to a Test)

  1. Quality of Audio and Video (10 Points)
  2. Quality of Introduction and Closing Credits (20 Points)
  3. Quality of Presentation Regarding the Mathematics (50 Points)
  4. Ability to follow guidelines regarding appropriate content, commentary, common sense, and media (20 Points)
  5. Extra Credit Rewarded for Extraordinary Measures