Mr. Higgins' Tie Project

We are going to explore the mathematical features of my neckties by making use of my archive of images stored on Flickr.  The images were photographed by me to keep up with my assortment and provide me a way of showing people the different neckties I own.  As students, you all have favorites; however, some of the most simple designs are actually complex and contain aspects of geometry, algebra, and other topics studied in school.  Link to Neckties

Here are the requirements for this project:

You are going to make the choice of one necktie for this project.  You should probably choose one of your favorites; however, you may find that another tie makes it easier to complete the portion of the assignment that relates to mathematics.

In a blog entry you should have the following elements:
  1. A picture of the necktie you are using for this project
  2. What makes this one of your favorites? OR Why are you using this for the project?
  3. Describe the tie (history, what is means, characters, etc.)
  4. Describe any mathematical topics that are found in the necktie and describe it completely.
  5. Is there a type of tie that I don't have that you think I should have? (Optional)
  6. Make sure to choose the category "Tie Project" so that your post can be accessed properly and sit in cyberspace along side your classmates posts