Tennis Court Directions

Bellevue High School

Address: 200 Oakland Ave, Bellevue, OH
  1. Take Route 20 West
  2. Turn Right at Greenwood Heights (Before Wendy's)
  3. Continue straight on Greenwood Heights and you will see the football stadium.  The courts in the parking lot near the football stadium.

Fremont Ross High School

Address: Fangboner Rd, Fremont, OH
  1. Take Route 20 West
  2. Take Route 20 bypass around Fremont
  3. Exit on Route 53 and Head South (Right turn at light)
  4. Take a Right on North St (First four way intersection)
  5. Take a Right on Fangboner Rd (Adjacent to school)
  6. Keep driving until you see the tennis courts

Ontario High School @ Marshall Park

Address: (Marshall Park) Millgan Rd./Rock Rd. N, Ontario, OH
  1. Take Route 61 South
  2. Route 61 South turns into 314 South outside of Shelby
  3. Just before the High School comes up on your right, turn left onto Milligan Road.
  4. Turn right onto Rock Rd. N.
  5. The courts will be on the Right

Huron High School @ Fabens Park

Address: (Fabens Park) Adams Ave, Huron, OH

Ashland High School @ Brookside Park

Address: (Brookside Park) Parkside Drive, Ashland, OH

  1. Take Route 250 South
  2. Once in the City of Ashland, Turn Right onto Route 96 / Sandusky St.
  3. After about 1 mile, Parkside Drive will be on your left.  Turn left.
  4. Courts are on the right.

Willard High School @ Dean Street Park

Address: Dean St, Willard, OH (Off Route 99)

  1. Take Route 61 South
  2. Turn Right onto Rt 103
  3. Turn Left onto Route 99
  4. Turn Right onto Dean St.

Shelby High School @ Shelby Athletic Complex

Address: Plymouth St, Shelby, OH (Off Route 61)

Edison High School @ Edison Park

Address: Berlin St, Milan, OH

Perkins High School

Address: 3714 Campbell St, Sandusky, OH

Vermilion High School

Address: Sailorway Drive, Vermilion, OH (Off Route 60)

Tiffin Columbian High School

Address: Charlotte St, Tiffin, OH

Sandusky High School

Address: Grant St/Thomas St, Sandusky, OH

BGSU @ Keefe Courts

Address: Stadium Drive, Bowling Green, OH (By BGSU Ice Arena)

Port Clinton High School

Address: Parking lot off of Fulton St, Port Clinton, OH (Across from Magruder Hospital)
  1. No matter how you get there, get on Route 2
  2. Take 163 West
  3. After about 1 mile, you will turn left onto Fulton St.  (There is a Magruder Hospital sign on Route 163)
  4. After about 1 mile, you will see the courts on your right.

Clyde High School

Address: 1015 Race St, Clyde, OH (Enter from Limerick Rd)