Computer Science Projects

Long Term Project(s) Information

Long Term CS Project(s) - 300 pts

  • Due: Friday, December 17th

  • Presentation: TBD

  • Grade: 100 pts on Q1, 100 pts on Q2, 100 pts for Final Exam

  • Concept: This course is designed to provide you with a forum and time to extend your knowledge in computer science. The long term project is something you can work on during the class and when you have free time. Courses that assign daily homework should be given priority in the short term while this course should be given priority in the long term.

  • Directions: Trying to describe your long term project at the beginning of the semester might not be easy, but you need a realistic vision. The project might involve learning another language, learning new aspects of a language you already know, attempting to program a device, writing software to serve a specific task, or just about anything you can come up with that is appropriate. While a long term partner project is not allowed, you are permitted to have another student help you with a specific part of the project. Weekly updates on your progress will be provided to the entire group, so the partner work would end up counting as a "consultation."

Weekly Student Updates on Long Term Project - 5 pts each

  • Due: Due by 1:45 PM for each Friday of school.

  • Directions: These will be posted on Google Classroom. Consider posting a screenshot, picture, link, video, or whatever is appropriate along with textual information so we can all follow your semester long journey.

Work Ethic Points - Varying point values

  • From time to time, worth ethic points will be assigned based on your ability to stay on task regarding both the long term and short term projects. Using class time for other courses is not permitted.

Short Term Project(s) Information

CS Project 1 - Famous Figures & Tools in CS - 50 pts

  • Due: Thursday, September 23rd

  • Presentation: Friday, September 24th

  • Concept: Technology is everywhere today. Many computer science related historical figures and devices served as the building block for what we see today. This project will explore the history of computer science.

  • Possible Topics: Katherine Johnson, Grace Hopper, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Charles Babbage, Abacus, John Napier, Blaise Pascal, George Boole, Joseph Jacquard, Ada Lovelace, Alan Turing, Atanasoff-Berry Computer, John von Neumann, Howard Aiken, Al-Jazari. Others topics are accepted with teacher approval.

  • Directions: For each topic, create a digital poster using Google Slides. This can also be completed using a photo editor and/or PowerPoint. The poster should contain photos and information. Your presentation will involve educating the students in the class about each topic.

CS Project 2 - History of Technology Companies - 50 pts

  • Due: Wednesday, October 20th

  • Presentation: Thursday, October 21st

  • Concept: There are technology companies that control so many aspects of our lives. All of those companies have some sort of unique history. As each company matures, they often find some way to be a part of the new cycle. Sometimes it involves innovation, while other times it involves litigation.

  • Possible Topics: Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Alphabet, Foxconn, Microsoft, Huawei, Dell, Facebook, Sony, Hitachi, Intel, IBM, Tencent, Panasonic, Lenovo, HP, LG, Tesla, NVIDIA, Alibaba, Cisco, AOL, Xerox, Motorola, Nintendo, Polaroid, Twitter, Netflix. Others topics are accepted with teacher approval.

  • Directions: For each topic, create a Google Slide, PowerPoint, or other type of presentation. One or both of your topics must be accompanied by a video of some kind.

Here are the fundamental parts of each topic:

    • Discuss the history of the company, with an emphasis on the technology as well as the key players. Make sure to include information about the stock price history.

    • How does / did the company change people's daily lives?

    • Any controversy? Litigation?

    • A slide needs to be dedicated to interesting facts about the company.

CS Project 3 - Contemporary Technology Issues - 50 pts

  • Due: Wednesday, November 17th

  • Presentation: Thursday, November 18th - Tuesday, November 23rd

  • Concept: As technology continues to advance, there are many buzz words and controversial concepts that exist. Some of them concern the mechanics of technology, while others are about the humanhood of technology.

  • Possible Topics: Will be discussed as a class.

  • Directions: You are to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. A video of some kind must accompany the presentation. A slide needs to be created for unanswered questions about your topic.

Other Opportunities

Highlights of CS- 5 pts each

  • Directions: If you find something interesting that is in the category of computer science, share with the class and receive participation points for bringing it up. Depending on the highlight, it may spark a long conversation.