Computer Science Projects

Long Term CS Project(s) - 300 pts

  • Due: Friday, December 17th

  • Presentation: Monday, December 20th to Wednesday, December 22nd

  • Grade: 100 pts on Q1, 100 pts on Q2, 100 pts for Final Exam

  • Directions:

CS Project 1 - Famous Figures in CS - 50 pts

  • Due: Thursday, September 23rd

  • Presentation: Friday, September 24th

  • Directions:

CS Project 2 - History of Technology Companies - 50 pts

  • Due: Thursday, October 21st

  • Presentation: Friday, October 22nd

  • Directions:

CS Project 3 - Global Impact of Technology - 50 pts

  • Due: Monday, November 22nd

  • Presentation: Tuesday, November 23rd

  • Directions:

Weekly Updates on Long Term Project - 5 pts each

  • Due: Due by 1:45 PM for each Friday of school.

  • Directions: These will be posted on Google Classroom. Definitely consider posting a screenshot, picture, link, video, or whatever is appropriate along with textual information so we can all follow your semester long journey.

Highlights of CS- 5 pts each

  • Due: No specific due dates.

  • Directions: If you find something interesting that is in the category of computer science, share with the class and receive participation points for bringing it up. Depending on the highlight, it may spark a long conversation.