Algebra II

Need to see the notes from class?

  • Algebra II OneNote Notebook will show you any digital annotations I made.

Missed class and the notes were not enough?

  • Instructional YouTube videos are found below. I did not create these videos.

Do you think you need more practice problems?

  • There is a Study Guide at the end of each chapter packet.

I need extra extra help. What can I do?

  • Type the name of the topic and Google or YouTube search it.

  • Get help from another student in the class or someone that is an advanced class.

  • Ask to sit in one of the other periods of Algebra II.

  • Ask questions during down time in class.

  • Arrange to see me before school, after school, or during the day.

  • Attend study tables on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday for help from other math teachers.

How is my grade calculated each quarter?

Ch 1 - Equations & Inequalities

Ch 2 - Linear Functions & Systems

Ch 3 - Parent Functions & Transformations

Ch 4 - Quadratic Equations & Complex Numbers

Ch 5 - Polynomial Functions

Ch 6 - Radical Functions

Ch 7 - Exponentials & Logarithms

Ch 8 - Rational Functions

Ch 9 - Conic Sections

Ch 10 - Sequences & Series

Ch 12 - Trigonometry

Ch 11 - Probability & Statistics